The Names Game.

How It Works.

1. JOHN DOE - THE CORPORATION/COMPANY NAME - TESCO, Morrisons, WOOLWORTHS, Boots, ETC. Also used in writing*.

2. John Doe - The Contracting name. Used in Commerce & writing*.

It is crucial that you fully understand that both names in bold above are NOT YOUR names. please understand the true meaning of both before you play. Otherwise, you will lose the game. 

they both belong to THE GOVERNMENT. you have a receipt using either one of them from the Government, via A Copy of your Birth Certificate. usually in the top left hand corner, you will have a stock number. example: KC213456. 

3. john doe - your real name, your only name. it is your god-given name. only this all lower case (true english) name is your name. when challenged by so-called AUTHORITY, always “act” under this name. it is yours. given to you through your parents and by god (grantor of dominion). they cannotdo business’ with your god-given name, so they want you to submit to their names.
john doe lives only under god’s law. “cause no harm or loss”; and nothing else. 

A Short True (children’s) Story.
written in the english language – response in CORPORATE language.

the POLICE called at the ‘flesh & blood’ man and woman’s home of john and jane doe on a sunny thursday afternoon at 2.40pm. both had caused no harm or loss. 
with a squad of six CONSTABLES and two women CONSTABLES and with SEARCH & ARREST WARRANTS for john. 
while the search is taking place, the chief of the operation DC PLOD, begins the dialogue:

DC PLOD - “JOHN (John) ?” (sounds like john doesn’t it?)
john - “are you addressing me?”
john - “my name is man, but you can call me john. is this a civil or criminal matter?”  
john - “who is the injured party?”
john - “I will neither assist or resist”.

after an hour or so, john had to go to the police station. so he got up from the sofa and stood still. “RIGHT, COME ON THEN” said DC PLOD with his sidekick PC PLOD who was already halfway out of the door. “i will neither assist or resist” said john. but as soon as DC PLOD grabbed his arm, john started to move. he was led to the car where the door was already open…

“i will neither assist or resist” said john, but as soon as DC PLOD placed his hand on his back, he moved to get into the car. he was not resisting. he was not assisting. they arrived at the police station and drove into in the car park. DC PLOD said,“RIGHT, GET OUT OF THE CAR”. john again replied; “i will neither assist or resist”. by this time DC PLOD was beginning to grasp god’s law and after leading john out, he instantly grabbed john’s arm in a polite way and led him to the police station’s entrance. across the car park, through the large blue gates and into the high-wired, fenced-in, back yard.

DC PLOD stopped to key in the code to enter the building. john stopped. DC PLOD went around to john’s back and gently pushed him through the door, then john stopped as DC PLOD went to close the door behind him. in fact, every time DC PLOD stopped, john stopped, and wouldn’t move anywhere, unless he was physically led by a CONSTABLE.

DC PLOD let go of john’s arm at the end of the corridor. john stopped. to the right was the DESK SERGEANT’S window, and to the left was a six foot wooden bench, where two other CONSTABLES were seated. DC PLOD led john to sit next to them. “THIS IS JOHN, (John) OR MAN (Man) AS HE LIKES TO CALL HIMSELF. HE’S BEEN NO TROUBLE, BUT HE’S NOT BEEN ANY HELP EITHER”. john sat, looked straight ahead and said nothing.

after a few minutes, john was led to the desk by DC PLOD, where he leaned against the wall by the DESK SERGEANT’S window with his arms by his side. “YOUR NAME?” asked the DESK SERGEANT. “are you addressing me?” said john.

DC PLOD decided it was time to take john down to the cells. “RIGHT, YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE YOUR SHOES AND YOUR TRACK BOTTOMS OFF. YOU COULD HANG YOURSELF WITH THE LACES AND YOU COULD STRANGLE YOURSELF WITH THE BELT CORD”. john stayed still. leaning against the the wall. DC PLOD watched and waited. then he heard john calmly utter the phrase he most least wanted to hear…“ I will neither assist or resist”, said john.

DC PLOD got down on his knee and proceeded to untie john’s shoe laces. then one by one, DC PLOD gently gripped his ankle to lift john’s leg to remove each shoe. then whilst still on one knee, DC PLOD straightened up, and reached for the less dangerous track bottoms that were on the DESK SERGEANT’S desk. he grabbed them and dropped them on the floor beside him. DC PLOD looked up at john. john looked down on him. DC PLOD then gripped john’s bottoms at each side of the waistline and proceeded to pull them down; in a shimmy-like fashion, until they reached the floor where DC PLOD again gently gripped each of john’s ankles to remove the track bottoms. the same occurred in the re-dressing of john. only in reverse. 

“RIGHT, DOWN TO THE CELLS THEN” said PC GAOLER. “i will not assist or resist” said john. PC GAOLER gently gripped john’s arm and led him  down to CELL 4, brought him a small plastic cup of water and left. john lay down on the thin-mattress bench, knowing he was being monitored by CCTV; which also filmed the toilet area. after an hour or so, DC PLOD led john to the interview interrogation room where they met up with PC PLOD.

“THIS INTERVIEW WILL BE RECORDED IN AUDIO AND VIDEO AND YOU WILL BE GIVEN A COPY BY LAW” said DC PLOD. the interrogation began with PC PLOD asking the questions while DC PLOD took notes.

after the very first question was asked, john gave the confident reply he knew would grant him the high ground. “look” said john, as he sensed a feeling that he was not alone. “i am a man of god, and no one; not you, or anybody else comes between me and my creator unless I have caused harm or loss to another flesh and blood man or woman. okay?” their heads literally dropped. with that simple statement, the game was virtually over, bar the shouting. and there would be plenty of that. but in a calm and gentlemanly way.
every question after that statement, john answered with the same reply. “no comment”.  for around three hours they questioned john. during that time, he gave the same answer to their questions every time. “no comment”. 

john was led back to his cell while the CONSTABLES had a tea break. john was now starting to feel sick due to being purposely denied his medication and being offered no food. after what seemed 15 or 20 minutes, john was led back to continue the interrogation. this time, DC PLOD was asking the questions. PC PLOD watched, and took no notes.

john continued to answer in the same way,”no comment”. except for once when he thought to ask DC PLOD, “who is making this claim?” “THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST SMART PEOPLE” replied DC PLOD. “iv’e heard of them. they are a DEAD ENTITY” said john. “i cannot speak to the DEAD. do you know  anyone who can speak to a corps(e)?”.

for about another three hours or so of all questions being answered with “no comment”, john informed them he was beginning to feel very sick. “ABOUT ANOTHER FIFTEEN MINUTES” said DC PLOD. when the interrogation was over, john asked, “am I being detained?” “NO”. said DC PLOD. ( if he had said ‘YES’, john would have asked to be taken before a judge immediately and continued with the same routine. They are available 24/7) “YOU WILL BE GOING HOME VERY SHORTLY”. 

and so it was after this time, that john was led back to CELL 4. as soon as he got there, john ignored the four small foil-wrapped plain biscuits and coffee that had been placed on the bench. It was the last thing on his mind and he was then violently sick twice; and utterly exhausted. 

the POLICE made another effort to get him to accept his CORPORATION NAME(S) by trying to trick him into CONTRACT. But as tired as he was, john stayed focussed. 

“RIGHT MR DOE, (Mr Doe)”, said PC GAOLER. “WE WILL JUST TAKE YOUR FINGERPRINTS AND THEN YOU CAN GO”. John slowly turned and replied, “are you addressing me?”. “WELL WHO ELSE IS IN THE CELL?” fumed PC GAOLER. john said nothing. As PC GAOLER closed the door he shouted, “YOU CAN EITHER LET US TAKE YOUR FINGERPRINTS OR WE WILL TAKE THEM BY FORCE”.  “will you take them by force?” john responded. there was no reply. and there were no fingerprints taken either. after all, who's are they?

about five minutes later john walked freely from the CELL to the DESK SERGEANT’S area to retrieve his clothes. As soon as he put his own pants and shoes back on, a young CONSTABLE in the DESK SERGEANT’S booth said; “RIGHT, SIGN HERE FOR YOUR CLOTHES” said the CONSTABLE, making one last-ditch attempt to get john to contract, hoping he would use his COMMERCIAL SIGNATURE. “here?” said john. “YES” said the CONSTABLE.

and so john wrote;  his god-given name: john doe. -under duress.  “WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” asked the young CONSTABLE. “UNDER DURESS??” john looked at him and said, “ well i’m not here under my own free will am i?  

john had asked his last question and walked out the same way as he came in. out in the car park, his wife jane, was waiting there to take him home. it was midnight. 

the end.

the five replies rules.

1. “are you addressing me?”

2. “is this a civil or criminal matter?”

3. “who is the injured party?” 

4. “i will neither assist or resist”.

5.  say nothing. * (updated. see: "Very Important Update")

You may wish to ask:"Are you asking me to testify against myself?" A totally unanswerable question.

*DETAINED – (highly unlikely)
take me before a judge”…where you start the same procedure again until you win. if you stand before god, you cannot lose. you have caused no harm or loss. and that’s gods law. The highest law in the land and the law of the western/european lands of christian culture.

Again, it is crucial that you fully understand and know all the above off by heart before entering the fray. It’s not difficult and the quicker you learn it, the sooner you will have a defence against any tyrannical element. 

To Further your understanding.

BLOCK CAPITAL(UPPER CASE) LETTERS are not LETTERS. They are SYMBOLS. it’s called “DOG-LATIN”. (For more information, search “The Justinian Deception” by Romley Stewart.)
lower case is the only english language there is in god’s kingdom, so stand in god’s law and feel the power!

Although we use the two together in writing, in the eyes of  common law, this is a mixture of two jurisdictions, which is not possible and makes all so-called legal/commercial documents null & void; but that’s another story.


Very Important Update.

If any so-called AUTHORITY comes to your home, do not open the door. Never, never...let them in.  Do not engage with them unless you are forced. It's the same if you are approached when out in public; or anywhere.

If they do, we are now down to using just four words when speaking to AUTHORITY.
"I reserve all rights". That's the only statement you need to make! Nothing else.
Occasionally, you will want to be asking one question. "Am I free to go?"
Repeat both phrases as is necessary.
Apart from that, stay focussed and keep your mouth shut! 


When you receive an offer of CONTRACT; where there is a demand for money by letter, and you''ve received no services for it, such as speeding or parking fines etc:

If you open the letter to read it, do so as carefully as you can. Put the document(s) back in the envelope, then reseal it with adhesive tape.
Put a white sticky label over the window/or your name and address, and write:

All rights reserved.
Return to sender.

When signing off on any Commercial document, always write above your signature:

All rights reserved.
John Doe


If they come for your Children...they can take them. However, they cannot take your property!

"I reserve all rights and he's/she's/these/ is/are my property". * To the best of my knowledge, this has not been tried or tested.


In Conclusion.

"THE NAMES GAME" is all about staying out of court. It's about having "no contact" with any so-called AUTHORITY.  Use whatever of the above you need to keep it that way. It's simple. No contact = No Contract. And everything is about contracting. Everything!

Please. Read it, and read it, until you  understand and know it off by heart. You are not stupid, and it's as simple as abc.

We were all deceived. Our parents unknowingly and unwittingly gave away our power at birth. By reserving all of your "God given rights" you are taking back what is rightfully yours.

It's all about losing the fear. They may kidnap you for a period of time and try to wear you down, but stand firm and dig in. They can't ARREST you because you've caused no harm or loss. Keep reminding yourself of that. Sooner or later, they will have to let you go.

The first time you try this, the adrenalin will be pumping and you will probably find it tough going. However, if a 67 year old man not in the best of health can do it, so can you. Winning, is euphoric. Oh! Winning is so euphoric! 


So that's it brothers and sisters. I strongly recommend you save a copy for offline access. Who knows how long this vital information will remain here. God with us.


The author takes no responsibility for any failed attempts and does not offer this as legal advice.


All rights reserved.